Monday, June 29, 2009

So I was wondering: What's your favorite thing to do with your horse? Do you just love ground-driving? Running barrels? Snoozing in the sun together? Something the both of you like.

My Dante loves to jump. I encouraged it from the beginning with him, super-praising him for doing so. So if he's ever in a bad mood, I can pop him over a little jump (on him or not) and then get him back on whatever task we're doing. I love watching him get all proud, even if it's a weenie jump. My lil champion.

My favorite thing to do is a full groom. My horse is always the shiniest. His mane is always combed, his tail is brushed. His socks are pretty clean, etc. I do a nice groom before every ride, rinse off after if he's sweaty and it's warm enough, and he's probably Mr. Popular with no flies nearby.

At first he was not a fan of the attention, except for brushing his tail. Now the routine's pretty simple and he stands like a champ. And he likes it more, takes a nap.

Our favorite together thing is to chase something. Usually the trainer's husky, sometimes a chicken, once an actual cow. He knows what to do and I just hold on.

So what's your fun thing?

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One Red Horse said...

Actually, just being with Red is my favorite thing to do. I so enjoy our relationship, calling him and seeing his cute head pop up, consider, and start towards me. We just did our first trail trials event which was pretty fun. Guess this will rate as my favorite - when we work as a team towards a specific task.