Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday shopping

Okay, so during my brief, free moments, I like to horse-shop. Much as a gardener is proud of and enjoys their personal creation, it's fun to look at other ones.

I'm not a fantasic judge, but certain thing still appeal to me.

I like to check out the ones in my market range, close enough to MN.

Here's one that struck my eye but not in an I want it kind of way. Now, please correct me if I'm wrong- I didn't think foals are supposed to be THIS skinny. Maybe it's just too new, or just of the variety I'm not used to. Or maybe this one's healthy but just very tucked up? $450

All their others seem plump enough. There is a special, as many of the horses are "as-is" meaning haven't had vet work! Don't worry, the incentive fund babies sure are registered.

Going to their site is interesting. Don't worry, they also sell Railroad ties and highway cable. Apparently both are good for making fences !!!

Then I saw this one. I'll admit I love the coloring, and maybe if it lost some weight and built up some muscle... it'd be worth spending the 400 on. Normally I like my solid colors, but I've had an appy fetish lately. If I had a barn and money, I'd risk it. Rolly polly pony. 400 dollars.

Finally I have three bargain-bin ponies I'd say are more likely worth the investment.

First is this one:

He's 399 dollars. Not broke, but just cute, 2 years old, and has a pedigree, is registered.

This one just appeals to me. 500 dollars, cute, probably the first paint I've really liked, pedigree is full of point earners, even though they're halter.

Ad: Beautiful head, soft eye, huge hip, short back, straight legs, great feet and super disposition! Holly’s dam is a versatile mare who has earned 6 APHA Open Halter points, an APHA Grand Champion in Halter and 16 Pinto Halter points with very limited showing in 2003. She has also proven herself to be an athletic and willing partner under saddle. Her sire is Mainly Marty, a grullo son of Jacs Little Pine (NRHA earner of $55,000) by Hollywood Jac 86, out of Mainly Martha (NRHA earner of $22,000). Marty has produced foals that have earned AQHA points, NRHA money and NRHA Youth points. This filly should be able to handle any type of competition: APHA World Show - Solid Paint Bred, APHA Top Twenty, WSCA Championship Show, Snaffle Bit, 4-H, Trail or just be your Best Friend! Her price is a reflection of the current market. Don't miss a great opportunity to own a horse of this quality.

This last one is a retiree. Hanoverian trained in jumping and dressage, but they seem to be subtley recommening the end of a jumping career. That said it's a capable pleasure mount and still sound for dressage. Late teens. WANT!
600 dollars.