Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My poopy Doopy has been lame lately. That has made me lazy. However, he's learned to suck up money like it's going out of style in the meantime.

In order to fix Dante's bucking at the canter, I wanted to get the cowboy to do it. Get Dante adjusted to the transition and comfortable in the gait, and then add the floppy doing-it-wrong Noob to teach (which I'm confident he'll allow once he's capable). I fixed his trot to not be death trot, but I already could trot well. Now it's canter time.

So first I noticed the head-bob. We soaked, we left him alone, we got him trimmed. It was fading, but oh so slowly. No heat anywhere. It got to the point where it was only visible when looking for it.

Vet says his feet are too long, and horse is too fat. New farrier cut them nice N short. No beefs here with old farrier, just needed someone more experienced. After he was trotting with much less bob, and occasionally no bob after the trim. I washed him up on our first summery day. I'm sure he's rolled in feces since.

So... "Free" horse's bills for the past month have been: likely 200+ for powerfloat, sheath and lameness exam, 110 for chiropractor, 30 for new trim, and this is before training! And Truck needs an oil change!

Here's to hoping his feet are better later this week! I need to ride off that fat!